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Thanks to China's robust economic growth, the country's municipal solid waste management sector particularly waste-to-energy market is set for rapid development for the years to come. A number of favorable policy incentives and stricter emission regulations have just been issued recently and the industry is also showing good signs and prospects for revamping the existing waste incineration facilities. As hundreds of landfills are due to expiration and many more ones are hungered, landfill gas-to-energy business is expected to derive a boost in following years. Furthermore, the government's call for nationwide kitchen waste sorting & recycling has laid a solid foundation for a mass adoption of biogas plants equipped with anaerobic digestion technologies.
As always, every coin has two sides. Is China ready for so many to-be-constructed projects? How does China tackle potential environmental risks while accelerating infrastructure development? Are there any proven solutions and know-hows for managing unsorted wastes in 2nd & 3rd tier cities? Are there any localized organic waste treatment technologies for domestic restaurant and kitchen wastes? And how do we raise enough capital to underpin that ambitious plan?
With the questions above and even more remaining unanswered, the 4th annual China Solid Waste Summit 2013 is such a timely gathering converging major players across the community to find out localized business models, explore new financing sources, seek optimized treatment technologies, and more importantly, to understand and share the pie.
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