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Session 1    /10 September 2015

Future of China Solid Waste Management Industry

0800   Registration
0850   Opening Remark
0900   Future of China Solid Waste Management Industry
0930   The Rise of GDP and Sustainable Green Economy
1000   Investment Strategy and Experience of IFC in
            China Solid Waste Management Industry
1030   Coffee Break
1100   Research on E-waste Recycling by Adoption of
            Waste Tracking System in China and EU
1145   Practise and Operation of Solid Waste Project PPP
            Model Under New Circumstances
1215   Enzymatic Separation of Waste for
            Efficient Energy Utilization and Recycling
1245   Luncheon

Parallel Session 1:
Solid Waste International Technology Transfer

1400-1530   Project Information to be Confirmed
1530   Coffee Break
1600   Topic to be Confirmed
1630   Coal Ash and Gangue Resources Reutilization
1700   Metal Waste Residue Joint Disposal
1730   The end of Track1 session

Parallel Session 2:
Advanced Solutions of Waste Incineration

1400   China Hazardous Waste Management
             Technology Situation & Progress
1430   Technical Realization of Outotec Fluidized-bed Energy
            System in Thermal Sewage Sludge Treatment
1500   How to Improve the Efficiency of Energy Utilization:
            Laogang Biogas Power Generation & Waste-heat,
            Waste-gas Utilization Project
1530   Coffee Break
1600   An Analysis of Waste to Energy in North China City
1630   Character Changes of Municipal Waste and Design of
            Incineration Plant
1700   The Connection Between Waste Incineration Amount and Profit
1730   End of the Parallel Session

Session 1    /11 September 2015

Technical Case Studies from Different Countries and Mobile Internet Application in Solid Waste Management Industry

0850   Chairperson's Welcome Remark
0900   Can German Technology convert Chinese City Waste Profitable and
            Harmless into 200% Renewable Energy?
0930   Hazardous Waste Management in China
1000   Net Zero Energy Recycling of Sewage Sludge into Usable Products through
            Continuous Hydrolysis to Create Your ECO-town
1030   Coffee Break
1100   Application of Advanced Sensor Technology in Waste Sorting Management
1130   Construction and Application of Geographic Information System in
            Waste Incineration Power Plant
1200   Environmental Comprehensive Solution Of Refuse Burning
1230   Luncheon

Session 3    /11 September 2015

Show Cases: Advanced Equipments and Technologies in Solid Waste Industry

1400   Innocent Treatment of Sludge and Hazardous Waste by Supercritical Water
1430   ECO Treatment and Energy Utilization of separately Collected Household Organic Waste
1500   Prospects of Kitchen Waste Management Technology
1530   Application and Technology Development of Shredder in MSW Management
1600   End of the Conference

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