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China Energy and Environmental Technology Association (CEETA) is a non-profit social organization co-sponsored by public institutions and enterprises mainly engaged in energy and environmental protection. CEETA members are voluntarily composed of the energy enterprises and individuals qualified in the field of energy industry as well as research institutes, universities and related industry enterprises, unrestricted by the area and department. CEETA is a social and economic community with legal personality The aim of CEETA is to represent and protect the interests, to unite the capacity and promote the development of the whole industry, to actively work as the bridge, the link, the assistant, the media organization, among the government, member units and users at home and abroad.
The main task of CEETA is to investigate and research the present situation and developing direction, to report the suggestions and claim to the government, to accept the appointment of the government to give suggestions about the developing plan of the industry and technology economic policy ,to organize the experience exchange of enterprises reformation, management, technology, quality, economy etc, to build the statistical information network, to collect, analyze and issue the technical and economical information, enhance staff education and training, to spread the use of innovative technology, to hold the domestic and international energy exhibitions for economic and technical exchange both at home and abroad, to use various methods of service to foster the advancement of China energy industry.
CEETA sets up seven departments and branches according to demand, Experts Committee, Member Management Department, Training Department, Exhibition Department, International Cooperation Department, Investment and Financing Service Center, Information Center, Sino-US Energy & Environment Technology Cooperation Center, Sludge Treatment Center, Professional Technology Committee, Local Branch etc. In 2008, CEETA officially registered one companies, Beijing Zhonghuanqilian Energy & Environment Technology Center. CEETA Website is the only official website sponsored by CEETA. AlsoCEETA has periodical publications such as ¡° ASIA ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT¡± and ¡°SLUDGE TREATMENT & UTILIZATION¡± .

Founded on 12th, December, 2012 as an independent corporation, Guangdong Urban Waste Disposal Industry Association£¨GDUWDIA£© is composed of operating enterprises, equipment vendors, research institutes and educational organizations dedicated to the urban waste management industry. Currently it has nearly 100 member organizations and an expert commission consisting of approximately 100 senior experts.
With no precedents in the national waste management industry, GDUWDIA is the very first social organization specialized in and devoted to the urban waste management industry. It is a professional organization at the provincial level where large national enterprises exert their advantages in major business and research institutes exercise their professionalism, organize and integrate power and resources within this industry, undertake the shifted governmental responsibilities and prosper the waste management industry.
GDUWDIA devotes itself to promoting harmless treatment of urban waste. With support and help from the government and member organizations, it acts as a platform which links and covers the undertaking of related governmental responsibilities, the perfection of industrial standards, the launch of industrial communications, technology consulting and personnel training, the creation of the industrial center for emergency treatment and the promotion of the application of modern crafts, technologies and materials.

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